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Our Falca’tainer comes in 5 different shapes and sizes. You can also choose either wooden or see-through lids.


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Our Wavebox comes in 3 different shapes and sizes with see-through lids.

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The basic raw material for Falca’tainer is FALCATA, a wood species.

FALCATA trees are rapid, fast growing trees that only takes 5-7 years to grow and reach its average height of 15m and 35cm in diameter.
Falca’tainer, an eco-friendly container solution, reduces the use of plastic containers.
While the falcata trees also enhance the quality of air by absorbing a large amount of CO2.

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The kind of packaging you use can determine how well your product will sell or how long its shelf life will be. Packaging for food is important for a number of reasons. The primary purposes of food packaging are:
  • Physical protection from shock, vibration, compression, temperature and contamination from bacteria.
  • Bars the entry of contaminants such as dust and vapor. In this respect, most of them come with modified internal atmospheres that enable the contents to remain fresh and extend their shelf life considerably.
  • Provides containment of contents that are liquid in nature, making them easier to handle and transport.
  • Secures the contents by using tamper-resistant lids, which go a long way in ensuring that the package arrives in perfect condition.
  • Packaging provides more functionality than the ones listed above. It is imperative that you pick the right kind of packaging solutions since it does more than just serve as a vessel that protects the contents within. Packaging is also very useful because of the following reasons:
  • Packages have labels that relay information about the contents, of which some are mandated by law. Furthermore, it highlights important instructions such as how to use it, recommended ways to transport it and the best conditions to store it.
  • Labels on the takeaway container serve as crucial marketing tools as well. The label is designed to attract and catch the eye of the consumer. Sometimes the shape and nature of the container serves as a marketing tool in itself.
  • Containers regulate and standardise the portion-size, enabling proper rationing of the product.

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How you package your food is crucial. Food packaging material varies according to the nature of the contents, how long they are meant to last and how far the product is being moved. Commonly used packaging material includes plastic, metallic containers and wood derivatives such as boxes. Plastics are generally considered pollutants since the discarded containers do not decompose. Metallic containers require a lot of recycling to maintain steady production. Finding the balance between these types of material can be tricky.

The sustainable food packaging mechanism works in this way. The Falcata trees are grown in a controlled plantation. The trees are preferred because of their rapid growth period of 5-7 years and the fact that they naturally make suitable packaging materials. The impermeable wood can resist high temperatures and is very durable, making it very suitable for making containers. Furthermore, it is easy to stack and transport and comes in 5 different shapes with various sizes. After use, the discarded wooden packages serve as compost and are used in the plantation to grow more trees.

Hopack food packaging online solutions provide not only the most environmentally conducive types of containers but also the most economic ones. Their highly creative wooden take-away packages come in numerous designs that will leave you spoilt for choice. They are ideal for food packaging or as gift containers, and come with the option of wooden or clear plastic lids.

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