Falca’tainer The Wooden Veneer Container From Nature

By June 15, 2016Uncategorized

The basic raw material for Hopack Falca’tainer is from wood species Falcata. It is commonly seen as white, odourless, tasteless and also very suitable as natural packaging materials.Falcata are fast, rapid growing trees, requiring only 5-7 years to grow and reach its average height of 15m and diameter of 35cm.

Through circulative large-scale plantation, the Falcata not only create numerous job opportunities for communities, but also greatly enhance the quality of air by absorbing a large amount of CO2. With its unique features of impermeable, oil resistance and high temperature durability, the falcata wood is the perfect substitute for conventional paper and plastic containers.Falca’tainer is stackable, DIY collapsible, logo printable and easy to transport. It is a container that is widely used for food storage and gift packaging.Our Falca’tainer comes in 5 different shapes and various sizes, with the choice of either the wooden or plastic clear lids. We can also customise your exclusive Falca’tainer for your business at your wish.Be proud and smiling with Falca’tainer.

Reposted from February 23, 2015.