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Founded in 2009, HoPack offers fine food packaging solutions to food service industry. At HoPack, we love food and understand packaging play an important role in adding value to food. We call this value add, Fine Food Packaging. A concept that brings story and life to food. Besides considering the presentation of food, we see the importance of sustainability to our communities.

HoPack is whole-heartedly dedicated to work with our clients and industry partners on the key essentials that bring about the future of fine-food packaging:

Innovation: offer innovative packaging solutions
Advanced: make advances by establishing future trends in packaging
Unique: establish point of difference
Quality: offer solutions that meet user experience
Stylish: create excellence in style, presentation and functionality
Sustainability: participate in oering a clean and green environment for now and the future

Our Mission

“Be an innovative food packaging supplier that listens and work collaboratively with food service providers to offer value-adding food packaging solutions.”

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– Products At A Glance

Wooden Veneer Takeaway Food Containers

The wooden veneer box is lined with food grade glassine paper.
Not only does it have the aesthetically rustic and organic appearance, it holds food well and in place. Be pleased by the looks and feel amazed by the hands. Falca’tainer is crafted from Falcata tree, the fast grown tree planted from a controlled tree farm.

It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and in turn, reduces carbon emissions. This takeaway box is sturdy and safe to use, an excellent alternative to glass or chinaware. With its natural and rustic look, you do not need to use excess packaging and produce unnecessary waste anymore. It speaks the value of your gourmet food and your restaurant.

Plastic Takeaway Food Containers

This takeaway box is the ideal solution for small and large meal portion and for packaging a wide variety of food products; from frozen, to refrigerated, to pre-cooked, and to fresh.
  • Made of quality food grade polypropylene (pp)
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • Withstands temperatures up to 120 degrees Celcius
  • Hand safe and safe lockage
  • Easy open and secure lids
  • Easy grip and stackable

– Why Clients Love Us | Takeaway Containers Wholesale

The team at HoPack has learnt the importance of providing quality products and services. By working closely with our clients, and hearing their feedback, it has led us to embrace the principle of 3-Good 1-Reasonable.

Hopack, Your 100% Trusted Fine Food Packaging Partner.

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– Client Testimonial

“Thank you for provided us with the Hopack’s fine foods packaging products . We’re using your wooden veneer round and hexagon containers for our great gourmet vegetarian food and they looking very well presented. We’ve received lots of positive feedback on how beautiful the foods are. Our customers are not only enjoying the foods, but also very attracted by their presentation. We recommend you to consider new innovative wooden veneer containers for your business and it will improve your business like it has for ours.”

– Great Gourmet Vegetarian, Restaurant Owner