2020 Sustainable Packaging for Foodservice

The year 2020 is a starting year of changing to sustainable foodservice packaging at the market. The key is environmental care, and it has been driving innovation and circular economy at packaging supplies.

At Hopack, we are whole-heartedly dedicated work with our facilities and clients for the product and service on these key essentials: sustainability, innovation and circular economy. Together with our commitments, mission and culture it will bring you about the future of fine food packaging.

Materials We Source

  • Wood - plantation tree farm

  • Plastic - food grade properties poly resin and plant-based bioplastics

  • Paper - certified cardboard and poly lining

  • Bagasse - sugarcane and bamboo fibre

Sustainability We Comply with

  • Reusable

  • Recyclable

  • Home compostable and industrially compostable

  • Biodegradable at landfill

Brands We Supply

  • Falcatainer - Wooden Veneer Box and Cutlery

  • Wavebox - Polypropylene Microwave Container

  • HoCup - Paper Hot Cup, PP Clear Hot/Cold Cup and PLA Clear Cup

  • SipASip - Paper Straw

  • Koalapac - Lightweight Paper Bag

  • HoCane - Sugarcane and Bamboo Container

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